North Oregon Coast (Not Another Travel Guide) Bob Campbell Author

North Oregon Coast (Not Another Travel Guide) Bob Campbell Author
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Drown a few brain cells as you slog along with us for another extended family vacation to wondrous places and exotic sights galore (not to be confused with moldy gangrenous lesions due to rain rot).Over 120 stunning (as in, some will leave you senseless and wondering, Why?) images, predominantly from the family Unvember (anything-but-November) Thanksgiving On The Coast with In-Laws and Outlaws Family Vacation. Pictures covering the range from the Wings and Waves Water Park at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon to Albany in the dark of the morning; spend a blustery day in Newport along the Bayfront and try to visit the closed Hatfield Marine Science Center; see quiet beaches shrouded in sheets of howling and spitting wind; torrential downpours to Lincoln City and a surprise visitor upon the beach; a walk along the Historic River Front below our room-with-a-real-view in Astoria; even our famous penchant for restrooms and construction zones! It’s all here in amazing, eye-popping colorfully gray-tonal glory under increasing clouds and rain as the sun disappears after our first day.Useful as a three to four day planner along the Oregon Coast for those without access to any real travel guides… or a natural masochistic tendency desiring discomfort; or those locked in a cubicle, deep in the bowels of corporate, steal-your-creative-soul fiefdom, toiling away at mind-numbing reports after yet another death-by-PowerPoint meeting and wanting to pretend they get to take a vacation or see a world beyond the endless sea of those five-foot high fabric covered walls; or even people that took just such a vacation at the same time we did during the wettest spring on record up here in the Pacific Northwest and had the intelligence to keep their expensive camera gear and phones out of the miserable weather - yet want pictures from -a- vacation (any vacation), to show others. This, my friend (at least you truly are my friend if you plunk down your hard earned handful of change to get a copy of my book), is what you’re looking for to solve your problems.Like all the Not Another Travel Guide collections, you’ll feast your eyes upon some of the best, heart-stopping photography around (if you’re locked in a shoe box, without even little air-holes cut into the top). So what the heck are you waiting for? Click on the version of book you figure will give you the most joy… because, honestly, you can trust me as your friend: you deserve a little joy. Well, that and a restroom break. I’ll wait here in the car, out of the rain, with the heat set to high.