?????????Nutritional Characteristics of Various Foods QING ZENG Author

?????????Nutritional Characteristics of Various Foods QING ZENG Author
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The nutritional power of food cannot be underestimated. More than providing sustenance, food contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and various special ingredients that have a meaningful effect on the body and our health. In this book, I review certain foods that are both high and low in essential nutrients, such as amaranth, which is high in vitamin K, spinach, which is high in potassium, herring and sturgeon, which are high in vitamin D, and salmon and mackerel, which are high in ω-3 fatty acids. I also reveal the special ingredients of various foods, such as oxalic acid in spinach and water spinach, tannic acid in persimmons, and the high purine content found in liver, seafood, and some legumes. Some foods, such as grapefruit and pomelo, even contain compounds that can affect certain lipid-lowering drugs, antihypertensive drugs, and tranquilizers. 食物不仅仅提供能量给机体运转,它又含有各种营养素,维生素,矿物质,以及一些特殊成分,对人体健康有重大影响。本书介绍了某些食物含有特别高或低的基本营养素,如苋菜富含维生素K,菠菜富含钾,鲱鱼和鲟鱼富含维生素D ,鲑鱼和鲭鱼富含ω-脂肪酸。又介绍了某些特殊成分,如菠菜、西洋菜的草酸多,柿子含鞣酸(单宁)多,而嘌呤(与痛风有关)在肝、水产及某些豆类含量高,柚子和西柚(葡萄柚)含有特别的化合物,会大大影响某些降血脂药,降血压药,或镇静药的作用。