Oceans Halo Miso Broth - 32 fl oz

Oceans Halo Miso Broth - 32 fl oz
Categories: Soups, Noodle
Brand: 2/11180/12002
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Ocean’s Halo Miso Broth is nourishing and simple. Just add fresh tofu & some Ocean’s Halo Seaweed and you have miso soup in a minute. Your favorite Japanese place is going to miss you. This is definitely not your dorm room ramen or instant noodles meal. Graduate to a more sophisticated slurp with this kelp-based organic and vegan broth for a premium at-home ramen experience to create unlimited Asian-inspired soup dish recipes. Pop noodles, veggies and/or roasted pork into this delicious and savory base for miso ramen. Happy slurping! Ocean’s Halo kelp-based broths or soup bases are delicious! Equally beneficial for mind and body. USDA Organic; Vegan Certified; Gluten-Free Ingredients; Excellent source of Vitamin D and Iodine; Contains sustainably farmed kelp;