Orange Garnet Essence Blend By Shanti Kai

Orange Garnet Essence Blend By Shanti Kai
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Orange
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Orange Garnet Blend helps with opening the sacral chakra & can help to promote confidence. It can enhance overall emotional well-being, energy & creativity. It can also bring balance to the ego & any need to be in control. There are six species of garnet that are distinguished in the gem trade, but over seventeen known varieties that are recognized within this classification. Our Shanti Kai Garnet Essences are subdivided by color: red, orange, green & master (contains all 3); our Garnet line contains the entire spectrum of 6 recognized species (almandine, pyrope, spessartine, grossularite, uvarovite, & andradite). Furthermore, all seventeen sub varieties are found throughout our line of Garnet Essences, with our Master Garnet Blend containing them all. Check out our Garnet Master Blend, which contains all of our Garnet Essence variations. Certain countries are subject to a different shipping or tariff charge. International shipping is estimated, we will contact you if the actual shipping differs from the estimate. See our website for more products: Orange Garnet Essence Blend By Shanti Kai