Organic Handwoven Khadi Cotton Scarf

Organic Handwoven Khadi Cotton Scarf
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Organic Handwoven Khadi Cotton scarf Dimension : 56 x 200 centimetres Organic khaadi Cotton is a rain-fed, short staple cotton (22-23 mm) grown in north west region of india. It is a variety of Gossipium Herbaceum & is a closed boll type: the boll has to be removed before the lint & seed is separated. It is one of the few genetically pure cotton species left in India & is one of the only species of pure old world cotton to be cultivated on a large scale. It requires no external inputs from farmers & people of village refer to its type of crop as ramol (ram= god, mol= crop) as it is organic by default. The boll of the cotton is fed to the cattle, as are the remnants of the seed after it is pressed for oil. It is notable that this Cotton provides food for cattle which is the primary source of income generation PLEASE NOTE : This garment is handmade & might carry certain irregularities that are part of its unique charm. - Shipping time varies from country to country , but we will do our best for you. - Dry clean & cold water wash are the best recommendations for the fabrics. - Any further queries feel free to write us here or at vastraindia141 @ - Wish you a beautiful day. Organic Handwoven Khadi Cotton Scarf