OUT OF A BARREN PLACE Shirley McCullough Author

OUT OF A BARREN PLACE Shirley McCullough Author
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Shirley’s romantic, inspirational novel takes her heroine, Darcy, down a rocky road to spiritual growth as she deals with hate, doubt and suspicion that haunt her past. Her strength reveals itself at the most unlikely hand of a small boy, whose tragic life couldn’t mar his unwavering faith. An excellent read. – ADELAIDE MCLEOD, author of Out of Innocence From the moment I first entered the book’s enthralling cave home, I knew this was a novel I couldn’t put down. Its stirring scenery and fascinating characters held me spellbound to the end. – CYNTHIA SCHNEREGER, Managing Editor, Light & Life magazine Shirley’s fertile imagination brings a powerful tale filled with fascinating characters. I truly love her writing. It invites the reader to stay and stay!! – DR. VINCENT M. KITUKU, National speaker and columnist, author of East Africa Folk Tales for All Ages and other books Shirley knows from experience what it is to have faith in great adversity, love that won’t quit, humor that fuels endurance and redemptive outcomes where hurt once prevailed. These grand truths are expertly woven into this beautiful story. It is a joy to recommend this great read! – REV. TIMOTHY M. MOEN, Senior Pastor, New Life Christian Center, Emmett, Idaho Shirley McCullough, RN Retired, has often used stories to illustrate a point, ease the pain of loss, explain a tough situation in terms for a child, celebrate victories, and build family ties. Upon retirement, she began writing her stories and poems and has won several awards. Her story, I Am I Said, published in Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul, illustrates God’s grace in her life to overcome personal challenges. mcculloughsj@msn.com