Persian Paradise - Short Stories Lily Amis Author

Persian Paradise - Short Stories Lily Amis Author
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Brand: Lily Amis
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Persian Paradise is a collection of a series of illustrated stories by Lily & Sima Amis from 2020. Love & Loyalty, Acceptance & Tolerance, Compassion & Kindness, Honesty & Integrity and Peace & Harmony. A lovely family book about self-love, self-acceptance, anti-bullying, friendship, loyalty and kindness.Love & Loyalty: Charlie is a little lonely duck suffering from memory loss. He ends up in the city park of Vienna in Austria and is desperately looking for love and loyalty. He tries to fit in, in different bird communities, but wherever he goes, he feels displaced. Inclusion and acceptance become a huge challenge for his little heart and soul. But miracles do happen, when you least expect it!Honesty & Integrity: This story shows us that you can’t force anyone to love you, not even your family. You can’t force anyone to stand by your side, not even your family. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be raised by a loving and caring family. This is a painful lesson that Charlie has to learn and accept. Blood may make you related, but it doesn’t guarantee you love and loyalty.Acceptance & Tolerance: A successful circus traveling across Persia presents the most famous and talented animals in the Orient. The artists dazzle the audience with their outstanding performances. However, life behind the scenes isn’t as shiny as it is on stage. The lack of acceptance and tolerance becomes unbearable when an enthusiastic little lamb with big dreams and goals joins the circus family as THE new attraction.Compassion & Kindness: Change is never easy. But sometimes we are forced to make decisions, change our path and deal with the unexpected and challenging consequences. Setareh, a little lamb with a big heart, is forced to leave her home, the national circus in Persia. At the circus she had to deal with jealousy, rejection and bullying. Despite hurtful experiences and heartbreak, Setareh is an optimistic animal and hopeful about her new life at a farm. She knows that the farm owners, an older couple called Mr and Mrs Hakimi have created a paradise for their animals. But will the farm animals be as welcoming as the owners, or will they make Setareh feel unwelcome and unwanted?Peace & Harmony: When two different worlds come together, a lot of compromise must be made for peace and harmony to prevail. The farm animals and the circus animals in Persia have to get used to each other, but it is easier said than done. Thanks to the lovely personality of Setareh, a little lamb, the new community learns to treat each other with kindness and respect. This story is told by an owl, a newly graduated university student in journalism. Fuzul, the curious journalist, is working as an undercover reporter for the Persian Mirror and writing an exclusive story about the grand opening of the new attraction and amusement park in the Orient: The Persian Paradise.