PNY 8GB Desktop DDR3 DIMM 1600

PNY 8GB Desktop DDR3 DIMM 1600
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The PNY 8GB UDIMM DDR3 Desktop Memory (PC3-12800) is ideal for enhancing your desktop’s speed and efficiency. Adding memory is a quick and easy way of upgrading your computer’s speed and responsiveness, especially for multitasking. The PNY 8GB DDR3 module can be installed in the memory slot for an additional 8GB of memory. Featuring speeds of up to 1600MHz and low CAS 11 latency, the 8GB desktop DDR3 module is compatible with computers that use DDR3 UDIMM memory..High speed of 1600 MHz for enhanced performance.Low CAS 11 latency for quick operation.Lifetime warranty and free tech support.Low-voltage module uses 1.5V.Instantly add 8GB of memory to your desktop.Essential upgrade improves system performance and responsiveness.The PNY 8GB UDIMM DDR3 Desktop Memory (PC3-12800) offers 8GB of RAM memory for your desktop computer, ensuring improved system performance and responsiveness.. Improve Desktop Performance with Upgraded Memory Featuring a slim 1.5-volt module that you can install in your computer’s memory slot, the PNY UDIMM DDR3 Desktop Memory (PC3-12800) offers 8GB of memory for your desktop. The added memory facilitates faster software launches, increased responsiveness, and smoother multitasking, so you can edit a spreadsheet, browse the Internet, and run data-intensive applications all at once without experiencing crashes or lags. Increases Efficiency and Battery Life By upgrading your PC’s memory, you can take advantage of your software’s latest productivity enhancements. This will also reduce the number of times your system needs to access the hard drive, so tasks are completed faster, thus resulting in an increase in battery life. Package Contents PNY 8GB UDIMM DDR3 Desktop Memory (PC3-12800).