POWER BELIEFS: The Secret To Unlocking Your Dreams May Be ONE Belief Away Steven E Carr Author

POWER BELIEFS: The Secret To Unlocking Your Dreams May Be ONE Belief Away Steven E Carr Author
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Power Beliefs deftly explains how we program our destiny through a strategic chess match played out within each of our individual belief systems. Author Steven E. Carr reveals the categories, the hierarchies, and ultimately a workbook-style strategy by which we can reprogram the subconscious mind for maximum success.~ Jack Canfield, Co-Author Chicken Soup For The Soul series, motivational speaker, corporate trainer.CONTROL YOUR POWER BELIEFS AND YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINYWhy do some people constantly win BIG in life, while others struggle to make ends meet? The answers lie within our mental programming. Your belief system is a subconscious chess game played out minute-by-minute, controlling your life. What if you knew the rules and winning strategies?In this book, you’ll glimpse the invisible world of your belief system, where a single dominant belief, known as a Power Belief, can either deliver your dreams or guarantee your failure.The timeless idea that beliefs hold the key to our happiness continues to be echoed by modern psychology, with noted PhDs, self-help pundits, and motivational gurus all preaching the same advice:- Get rid of your limiting beliefs.- Believe you can do it. - Adopt empowering beliefs.- If you believe it, you’ll achieve it.- Change your beliefs and you’ll change your destiny.But, as of yet, they’ve never explained HOW! Optimizing our belief system promised to deliver our goals and yet we never got the blueprint on how to do it!Congratulations, you’ve found the blueprint! This is the rule book-the how-to on belief modification.Inside you’ll discover:• 7 categories of beliefs - including which ones dominate, and why• 6 ways in which beliefs are programmed into your mind (for better or worse)• Theory of Mind - explaining why it’s so difficult to change your beliefs• 3 mental tricks your minds employs to warp realit in order to protect your belief system (for better or worse)• 7 steps to reprogram your mind to manifest all you want out of lifeDon’t give up on your dreams. You may be only ONE belief away!Steven E. Carr is a belief strategist, hypnotherapist, and author. Using communication psychology and hypnosis, he helps people correct their limiting beliefs to find greater happiness and accomplish their goals. Steven lives in Columbus, Ohio with his family.