Ram Horn, Malachite & Chrysocolla, Azurite, Hemimorphite, Desert Rose, Amber, Turquoise Shamanic Healing Crystal Wand Magic, Reiki

Ram Horn, Malachite & Chrysocolla, Azurite, Hemimorphite, Desert Rose, Amber, Turquoise Shamanic Healing Crystal Wand Magic, Reiki
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Shamanic Healing Wand - Ram Horn, Malachite & Chrysocolla, Azurite, Hemimorphite, Desert Rose Aligned Clears, Opens & Aligns the Chakras; Fosters Deep Transformation & Spiritual Growth; Assists with Changing Destructive Emotional Programing, Patterns & Limitation; Opens & Enhances Psychic Vision, Intuition, Channeling & Sense of Oneness; Empowers Generational Healing; Promotes Positive Self-Image, Self Esteem & Self Respect; Encourages Healing, Personal Power, Creativity, Self-Awareness, Inner Balance, Compassion & Meditation. Ram Medicine - a determination, action, initiative, & leadership. Ram reminds us to be sensitive to others & ourselves & persevere; to never give up. Shows us that new beginnings & opportunities can be had with mere toe holds. Helps us to balance harmoniously in unstable places, keeping freedom to be ourselves. Malachite & Chyrsocolla Together - One of the most healing ways to release emotional blocks. & invaluable in creative expression. Both stimulate creativity, chrysocolla releases the fear of creative expression. Azurite - Guides psychic & intuitive development; urges the soul toward enlightenment; cleanses & stimulates the 3rd eye; raises consciousness to higher level; facilitates meditative & channeling state; powerful healer; aids in understanding the effect of the mind & emotions on the body. Hemimorphite - a stone that helps us attain a positive self-image including self-esteem & self-respect. It assists in personal growth on all levels, & helps one evolve & transform in healthy ways. A stone that bring joy & creativity to one’s life. An excellent stone that can bring strong but gentle healing energy as well as assisting the healer in accessing ancient healing techniques. Has a vibration that increases the amount of light coming into your auric field, to aid ascension & spiritual growth. This added light is highly effective at helping to create excellent results in many areas of the body, & particularly in the throat chakra. Aids in communication. Desert Rose - a variety of Selenite. As such it has its own energies as well as those of Selenite in general. It is a stone of the mind, as well as angelic stone. It is said to bring mental ability & clarity, as well as perception of all kinds, including intuitive perception. Desert rose is used in crystal healing to quiet worries & still the mind from distractions & disruptions. Metaphysically, desert rose is used to dissolve programs we have put upon our selves that are outdated or over-used. It is helpful for strength in meditation & affirmation. Amber - excellent at removing self-imposed obstacles, it also imparts a positive attitude that is fueled by self-confidence. This gentle stone draws out negative energy from the body & purifies the spirit & heart. Also helps us discover ancient wisdom & knowledge. Allows the body to heal itself by absorbing & transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It stimulates the intellect & opens the crown Chakra. Empowers