Ram (Masters Of Mayhem MC, #6) Kj Dahlen Author

Ram (Masters Of Mayhem MC, #6) Kj Dahlen Author
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Book Six in The Masters Of Mayhem MCRamWhen we went hunting Munch, we found so much more, we found Munch, his cousin and a woman he planned to use against us. Only problem was we didn’t know anything about her.Then we watched the woman destroy Munch, as there wasn’t much we could do to stop it. Later, we found she had a reason for shooting the pig. He killed her mother in a home invasion when he kidnapped her.Then we find out her real secret… and no one knows quite how to deal with it….PaulaneI was fine without ever meeting my family after all, I had my mom, but Munch thought he could use me to control them and then he had to kill my mom… so wrong on so many levels. I showed Munch no mercy when I had the chance. I’m told I have my father’s temper but I never knew it until after I met him.Now I have to try and keep the secret of my birth but it doesn’t work. The MC stills has a job to do, and when I get pushed out, I thought I was on my own. But Ram comes after me and he stays beside me. He tells me where I go he goes, but I can’t break up his family of brothers… I just can’t…. What am I gonna do now?