Ram Skull Keychain

Ram Skull Keychain
Categories: SoupsNoodle
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Brown
Size: S
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A sparkly, two-toned ram skull keychain made from resin & hand painted! CHARM CARE These charms are not tarnish proof, & will break down over time if exposed to the elements too often. The resin is fully cured by the time it reaches you, but it can snap & break if handled roughly. Some parts could also break in the case of rough handling (Cabochons, chain, etc) QUALITY Because of the nature of handmade items, some charms may have small inconsistencies such as bubbles or tiny fibers caught in resin, or uneven stitching. None of these tiny errors will affect how the item performs of course. Any error that does this is promptly taken out of stock to ensure my customers receive the best possible items. COLOR DIFFERENCES Due to differences in monitor & phone screens, some colors may not be quite the same in person. I do my best to make basic photography edits to show the colors as true to life as I can, but be aware that the screen you’re viewing on may show something slightly different. Ram Skull Keychain