Rama Shaligram/Pattabhi Salagram - Gandaki River Nepal

Rama Shaligram/Pattabhi Salagram - Gandaki River Nepal
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ChatushChakra Parivara Pattabhi Rama Shaligram 2 opening having 2 chakras in each , mark of bow , arrow & quiver , mark of umbrella & chamara. Product Name : Pattabhi Rama Shaligram / ChatushChakra Parivara Pattabhi Rama Salagram Origin : Gandaki River Nepal Dimension : 1.25 inches Weight : 20 gm Lakshan Shaloka : dvAradvaya catushcakro yatra kutra trayastathA| vanamAlApuShpakaram bANatUNIrasamyuta sItAbharata shatrughna lakshmaNa prAnasevita:|spaShTacakra: sthirAsInashca chatracAmarabhUShita abhiShikto mahArAma: dhanadhAnya sukhaprada:| Meaning : Shaligram having 2 vadana - 4 chakras; vanamAla;bow; arrow; quiver; clear chakras;stable;umbrella & chamara signs; is known as “ChatushChakra Parivara Pattabhi Rama Shaligram” DESCRIPTION : Sita Ram is that form of the Shila where Lord Ram is presence with Sita Mata. Ram & Sita represent an ideal pair with immense love, affection, feeling of sacrifice for each other & respect for each other existence. The worshipper of Shila can develop a very good & healthy relationship with in family members & relatives. The Shila is very protective in nature & bestows the devotee with all the worldly comforts. The Shila removes all negativity from the environment of the devotee & bring positive energies to him. The worshipper earns respect, dignity & fame in the society & always remains in the peaceful environment. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, cold to touch, has flawless impressions. Rama Shaligram/Pattabhi Salagram - Gandaki River Nepal