Rams Gold & Green Rainbow, Leopard Ready To Press Sublimation Or Htv Screen Film Transfers

Rams Gold & Green Rainbow, Leopard Ready To Press Sublimation Or Htv Screen Film Transfers
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Available in multiple sizes & in three options of media. Sublimation, Digital Heat Vinyl, & Screen Film Transfers Sublimation Transfers: The sublimation transfer must be used on a 50% or more polyester garment. 50% polyester will give it a vintage look. To get the most vibrant look, use 100% polyester. The garment must be used on a light colored fabric. The transfer will not print white. The colors on the listing may be slightly different from the transfer. You will need a heat press for using this transfer. - Preheat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 204 degrees Celsius. - Press garment for 3-5 seconds to release moisture & remove wrinkles. - Use a lint roller to get loose fibers off the garment. (VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP - Place a piece of butcher paper inside of the garment. - Center the image on the garment. Sometimes folding the image in the small part of the top will help you center. - Place a piece of butcher paper on top of the design (Teflon sheets are not recommended) -Press for 60 seconds at medium to firm pressure. Please remember that all heat presses are different & may require a time/temperature adjustment. - Peel hot DO NOT: -DO NOT reuse the same transfer sheet, it only works one time. -DO NOT reuse the same butcher paper as the ink bleeds. You could risk the chance of staining your shirt and/or heat press. HTV: HEAT TRANSFER VINYL TRANSFERS (HTV) THIS IS NOT A DIGITAL TRANSFER, you are purchasing a ready to apply print that will be shipped to you. It can be used on any color shirt & on 100% polyester, 100% cotton, or blend tees. Must be applied with a heat press, to which use the settings of that heat press. Digital Screen Film Toner Transfer: The DigitalHeat Fx Transfer are made to print beautiful quality custom transfer sheets made specifically for low-temperature applications. You can decorate light & dark polyester tees as well as light & dark cotton tees & several other materials. Can also be pressed onto hard surfaces that don’t have a special polyester coating like mugs, wood, aluminum, & a lot more. These transfer sheet are a COLD PEEL, & can be printed in white! Light/Dark Polyester Light/Dark Cotton Nylon Rayon Linen Mugs Glass Totes Hats Ornaments Wood Aluminum Seller recommends that you use these screen print toner transfers with a press that you can control heat & pressure. These transfer sheets can be stored & used later THERE WILL BE NO TYPE OF REFUND TO ANY TRANSFERS THAT MAY BE MESSED UP in THE PROCESS OF THE PLACEMENT. Please reach out if you need a video to help you with the transfer process of any media. Instructions will be provided with shipment. Please message if you have any questions or requests Rams Gold & Green Rainbow, Leopard Ready To Press Sublimation Or Htv Screen Film Transfers