Ras El Hanout Moroccan Meat Spice Blend

Ras El Hanout Moroccan Meat Spice Blend
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WHAT IS RAS EL HANOUT - A very special Moroccan mixture of dried herbs & vegetables used when cooking meat RECIPE CAN BE FOUND BELOW - A suggested recipe can be found below AUTHENTIC FLAVORS - Using our 20 years of experience, we have developed this blend to enable you to prepare the dish in no time & with unbelievable authentic flavors. AN AMAZING COMBINATION OF SPICES - blend has so many different flavors from Cinnamon, Turmeric, Galangal, Lavender, Nutmeg & more. OUR STORY We grow our spices & herbs using traditional methods, handpicked & sun-dried. Herbs grown in The Spice Way farm ensuring the quality of a farm to table experience. By growing & blending our products, we make sure no additives, no preservatives, no fillers, just spices we grow, dry & blend on our farm. Ras El Hanout Moroccan Meat Spice Blend