Renal Diet Cookbook For Beginners Jason Phinney Author

Renal Diet Cookbook For Beginners Jason Phinney Author
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Are you looking for a cookbook that can help you manage your kidney disease and avoid dialysis?Would you like to learn delicious and healthy low-sodium, low-potassium recipes suitable for your CKD?If yes, then keep reading!!!The Renal Diet Cookbook is a unique cookbook focused on managing chronic kidney disease naturally.The kidney diet recipes are made from common ingredients.They are:Low in sodiumLow potassiumLow PhosphorusLow Glycemic, and proteinsYou can make these dishes at home easilyThis manual is well-received by physicians, nurses, and dieticians.A percentage of kidney patients suffer from dehydration, which can lead to dizziness and breathlessness.In this guide, you will find valuable information on managing your renal diet to avoid dehydration and how to drink more water, which will assist in treating kidney disease naturally.The second part of the book provides you with recipes that will assist you in dealing with your kidney disease and a 30-day meal plan to help you organize your meals.Renal diet cooking is extremely simple and easy to manage, and the recipes in this cookbook are very tasty, easy to prepare, nutritious, and flavorful. This book covers:Breakfast recipes and Snacks Spice Blends and Seasoning Main Dishes Fish, Seafood and Meat 30- Day Meal Plan Tips …And much more!The Renal Diet Cookbook can help you to make a difference in your life and avoid dialysis.What are you waiting for?Click the Buy Now button and start your journey towards a healthier life!