Sailing the Florida Keys: Travels of Dursmirg Jane A. Grimsrud Author

Sailing the Florida Keys: Travels of Dursmirg Jane A. Grimsrud Author
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Sailing the Florida Keys, Travels of Dursmirg, Volume 3. We are going where the wind blows, when the spirit moves us, and the price is right. These were the driving forces that would be fulfilled beyond Jane and John’s wildest expectations. Using St. Augustine, Florida, as a home base, winter sailing sojourns south always included the Indian River where lifelong friendships were cemented, bountiful seafood harvested, and anchorages were a slice of paradise. Biscayne Bay was a cruising sail boater’s dream come true with bountiful seafood, neat anchorages and magical Miami there when your desires were tempted. Dinner Key, Coconut Grove, and Miami were all pulsating with an endless array or interesting things to do. Marvelous Cuban restaurants, back to the earth sun seekers, and salty sailors all added to the flavor. Sailing the Florida Keys proved to be the best sailing, fishing, and exploring to be found anywhere. They saw the Keys that nearly nobody got see, under its waters and away from highways. West of Key West only boaters ventured… a Utopian paradise for a privileged few. Sailing the Florida Keys was previously published as Travels of Dursmirg: Down in the Florida Keys in 2010. Sailing the Florida Keys has been updated, upgraded, and reformatted for easy reading, and eliminating verbal detritus. Sailing the Florida Keys is humorous, entertaining, witty, and informative.