Sale Unsanded Wooden Slices For Diy Projects, Mix, Diameter 2-3 Inch | 5-8 cm, Fireplace Decor, Mosaic Of Wooden Slices

Sale Unsanded Wooden Slices For Diy Projects, Mix, Diameter 2-3 Inch | 5-8 cm, Fireplace Decor, Mosaic Of Wooden Slices
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
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This listing includes slices of different kinds of wood, specially selected for you making wall art, interesting floor texture & furniture decoration, or for realizing your fantastic DIY project. Dimensions Diameter: 2-3 inch (5-7 cm) Thickness: ~ 0.35 (0.8 cm) UNSANDED slices Fully dry To see other amazing wooden slices, click here: If you like our works please add the shop to favorites it’s the best motivation & reward for us How about wholesale purchase? Please write us how to buy a big amount of wood slices. We’re ready to provide you lower prices for one-time or regular purchases. We provide a big variety of wooden slices, that we can find in our region. Don’t be shy to communicate to us if you have any questions. We will be glad to to answer you! Do you need different size, wood type & form? See here: You can order MadeByBeavers the slices of almost any size. Of there isn’t a slice you need in our shop now, write us & we can make it specially for you. The fact that we have our own sawmill lets us make the wooden slices of high quality in short time limit. Guarantee You can be sure that you will receive a high quality product. We guarantee our products will not be damaged or have any broken parts. We pack our products carefully, so you can receive it absolutely undamaged. Payment We accept PayPal. Do not have an account PayPal? - Is not a problem! Please, read here about how to buy: Note A wooden slice is natural material & each slice is unique. You’ll get the similar item as on the photo. You should take into account that wood is a natural material & can react to changes of temperature & humidity. It’s better to keep wooden items in a dry protected from direct sunlight place. About us We’re proud that making products of wood is our main & the only favorite job. We would be glad if we can share with you the beauty of the things made by nature & us! Don’t by shy to explore our store: Our timber is truly eco-friendly! Where do we get the wood? We’ve got two sources: 1) Our city - Perm. According to our local laws, when they cut trees in the city, they have to bring them to a city landfill, where the wood lies with plastic & metal. & it is… rotting there. We’re against it! We collaborate with the city administration, so they let us take trees to our… workshop in order to give them the second life. 2) Wood plots & logging. Our house is 50 km away from the city in the woods. in this place there are plots where they log timber & cut trees under electricity cables. Their goal is to get the biggest & straightest trunks. Their branches & curved trunks (he material they don’t need) are ground & dug under ground. Our goal is to get this material before they destroy it. After that we make slices from straight branches & furniture & decor from curved branches. So you can be sure that our timber is eco-friendly! What is more we want to