Saus Lada Hitam | Black Pepper Sauce - 1.75Oz

Saus Lada Hitam | Black Pepper Sauce - 1.75Oz
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Dark Olive
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Product of Indonesia Halal certified product ExPORT QUALITY natural product Instant spice for Saus Lada Hitam/Black Pepper Sauce 50 nett weight Bamboe is one of the best instant seasonings in Indonesia, produced by PT Bamboe Indonesia - Surabaya, & has been active since 1968 in coloring the instant spice market in Indonesia. Bamboe, a practical & hygienic instant spice for various types of exotic Indonesian dishes & Asian dishes which are famous for their spices. Made using selected quality Indonesian spices with the latest technology. Perfectly blended with delicious flavors & easy to apply for anyone. Packaged using practical sachets with complete Serving Suggestions to complete attributes of BPOM RI & Halal MUI. Please order to color the taste of your home cooking. Bamboe, make cooking easier for you! Our black pepper sauce is the version of Indonesian black pepper sauce influenced by Chinese cuisine. It is popular in restaurants & homes. The common main ingredients is beef, but can also be made with poultry & seafood. Saus Lada Hitam | Black Pepper Sauce - 1.75Oz