Seafood by Le Cordon Bleu Staff

Seafood by Le Cordon Bleu Staff
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
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From the world’s most famous cooking school comes this collection of fresh and modern dishes.

Developed specifically for the home cook, this invaluable collection of books brings you classic, elegant recipes, complete with color photographs of each dish and illustrated step-by-step techniques.

Mouth-watering Bouillabaisse. Rich Seafood Gumbo. Savory Smoke Trout Pate. Piquant Paella. These are just a few of the delectable seafood recipes to be found in this new cookbook from the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. With simple instruction and step-by-step techniques illustrated by stunning color photographs, at-home cooks can recreate the same elegant seafood dishes made by world-renowned chefs.