Set Of Two Cunliffe Vintage Copper Aspic Gelatin/Food Molds. As Found. We Sell Vintage & Antique Copper Cookware

Set Of Two Cunliffe Vintage Copper Aspic Gelatin/Food Molds. As Found. We Sell Vintage & Antique Copper Cookware
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
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Color: Copper
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SET OF TWO Cunliffe Vintage Copper Aspic Gelatin/Food Molds. As Found. According to Wikipedia:,aspic%20gel%C3%A9e%20or%20aspic%20jelly “Aspic or meat jelly (/ˈæspɪk1] is a savoury gelatin made with a meat stock or broth, set in a mold to encase other ingredients. These often include pieces of meat, seafood, vegetable, or eggs. Aspic is also sometimes referred to as aspic gelée or aspic jelly. in its simplest form, aspic is essentially a gelatinous version of conventional soup. in the United States, similar dishes include jello salads, which are sweet & made using commercial gelatin mixes instead of meat stock or consommé. Elsewhere around the world, similar non-savoury dishes are often called gelatin salads. A meat jelly that includes cream is called a chaudfroid.” STAMPED: -Cunliffe DIMENSIONS: 1-5/8" - 1-3/4" DIA (varies) 1-1/2" Tall WEIGHT: 64g (together) 0lb. 2oz. (together) THICKNESS: 0.6-0.7mm NOTE: One of the molds is slightly out of round. Copper pans have a story to tell, & so do we! SHOP STORY: Our passion is cooking on copper! We provide professionals & enthusiasts with functional & beautiful copper pans & tools, many with historical significance. We focus on two types of copper cooking tools: HISTORIC & PROFESSIONAL: HISTORIC copper pieces are made by well-known craftsmen & each have a story to tell. The pan you are purchasing may have been handled by a famous chef or used in a well-known restaurant, hotel or train kitchen. These exceptional pieces are a connection to the past. They are often stamped or engraved with the initials of chefs or names or restaurants. PROFESSIONAL copper pieces shine in a restaurant or hotel kitchen. They are at least 2.5mm in thickness & are often 3mm or more. OUR PROCESS: We find pans from great manufacturers all over the world. We look for pans that are thick & heavy, are made by a true craftsman & have great aesthetic quality. Big copper hand-set rivets, well done repairs, finely detailed dovetails & stamps or engravings by owners & makers all help to make a pan great. We focus on quality, function & the history of a pan. Come shop our selection of amazing pans & join the story! Some of the makers & distributors we look for & sell include: Elkington, E. Dehillerin, Mauviel, Gaillard, Legry, Duval, DH&M, Duparquet, Dougherty, Benham & Sons, Williams Sonoma, Barth, Lamalle, Cordon Bleu BIA, Lewis & Conger, Bramhall Deane (BD&CO) , Army & Navy (A&N), Jacquotot, La Ménagère, Jones Bros, J.Y.Watkins, Mores & Lucca, Michel LeJeune, LE GOURMET, The Design Store, Williams Sonoma, George Ott, V Olac, Peter Brux, Regniaud, Temple & Crook, & so many more. in addition, we are attracted to pans from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago & other American cities. Our pans preserve the living history of great chefs, restaurants & makers from around the world. Buying a pan from us also helps contribute to the environment. Re-use