Single Chain Zodiac Coin Necklace in Rose, White, Yellow Gold Plated Brass 3 Sizes, One Chain, 3/4 In. Coin Cute Astrology Birthday Gift

Single Chain Zodiac Coin Necklace in Rose, White, Yellow Gold Plated Brass 3 Sizes, One Chain, 3/4 In. Coin Cute Astrology Birthday Gift
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Color: Aqua
Size: custom
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Single chain zodiac coin necklace in rose, white, yellow gold plated brass! 3 Sizes, one chain, 3/4 in. coin! Cute astrology birthday gift! By request, my super popular double chain necklace is now available with only one strand! If you prefer a simple look with just one chain, I have this new version of my layered zodiac coin necklace that has a single chain instead of two! Choose from these sizes: 16.5 (no extender) 18-20 (2 inch extender) 20-22" (2 inch extender) Zodiac jewelry is on trend right now! All of my astrology styles are popular, so I thought I would add this style & now the are hundreds of happy women all around the country wearing them! A coin shaped charm with a raised design depicting your zodiac animal or character. The perfect birthday gift! Personalize it with her favorite metal color & her zodiac sign. Choose “item is a gift” at checkout, & you can type in a complimentary gift message! Add gift wrapping & you’re ready to send it directly to her or give it in person! Choose your metal color & your zodiac sign. Rose, white or yellow gold plated brass. Gold plated brass is a smart, economical alternative to gold filled which can be double the price. Solid gold is many times this price! Would you like a different size? I’m happy to do that for you! Please click here: If you would like to see the other zodiac sign jewelry I have in stock, please click here: AQUARIUS The Water Bearer Friendly, Tolerant, Intellectual PISCES The Fish Creative, Kind, Gentle ARIES The Ram Innovative, Passionate, Brave TAURUS The Bull Patient, Reliable, Determined GEMINI The Twins Open, Friendly, Versatile CANCER The Crab Loyal, Empathetic, Tenacious LEO The Lion Open-Hearted, Charismatic, Generous VIRGO The Maiden Gentle, Wise, Analytical LIBRA The Scales Cool-Headed, Diplomatic, Stylish SCORPIO The Scorpion Intuitive, Passionate, Dedicated SAGITTARIUS The Archer Friendly, Conversational, Open-Hearted CAPRICORN The Sea Goat Ambitious, Independent, Resourceful JEWELRY CARE These earrings & necklaces are made from high quality, rose, white & yellow gold plated brass. Gold plated brass costs a fraction of gold filled & hundreds less than solid gold, making it an excellent value! So many happy customers love my jewelry because they are getting the look of solid gold without the high price tag. Like many metals, it will tarnish eventually. If you are looking for jewelry that will never tarnish, this may not work for you. A little care on your part can help it keep its sparkle longer! Please remove & store your jewelry carefully before physical activity, sweating, showering, sleeping & after use. Avoid pulling or twisting. Avoid contact with sweat, liquids, lotions, oils, sprays & alcohol derivatives. Contact with these can cause a permanent color change. It is not eligible for refund or