Sous Vide Meal Prep Chelsea Cole Author

Sous Vide Meal Prep Chelsea Cole Author
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Sous Vide Meal Prep is Chelsea Cole’s second cookbook, following Everyday Sous Vide. This new cookbook teaches home cooks Chelsea’s method for incorporating sous vide cooking into their meal prepping routines so they’ll never find themselves wondering, What can I possibly make for dinner tonight? again.In Sous Vide Meal Prep, you’ll learn Chelsea’s process of buying in bulk, doing a little prep work, freezing, sous viding, and finishing. You’ll find overviews of how to prepare over a dozen different meats and seafoods; a library of mix and match rubs, marinades, sauces, and more; slightly elevated make ahead recipes for those nights you want to get fancy; sous vide side dishes to keep in your freezer; and even a few breakfast recipes, because what would a sous vide cookbook be without egg bites, the ultimate meal prep breakfast?Sous vide cooking isn’t just for experienced or professional chefs: it’s a game changer for home cooks, too. With Chelsea’s new cookbook, the dinner preparers of the world will learn how sous vide cooking can do the heavy lifting for them when it comes to getting something delicious on the table every night.One of the biggest benefits of sous vide is being able to perfectly cook meat and then take it in a thousand different flavor directions. In Sous Vide Meal Prep, Chelsea takes that concept to the extreme with dozens of rubs, marinades and sauces that will perfectly complement that amazing piece of food you just sous vided! Combined with Chelsea’s gorgeous photos, conversational writing, and creative make-ahead recipes make this the ideal book for anyone who doesn’t want their busy schedules to get in the way of creating incredible food!- Jason Logsdon, author of Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Sous Vide: The Authoritative Guide to Low Temperature Precision Cooking and several other cookbooks