Stunning, Hand Crafted, Cernunnos/Horned God Of The Wildwood, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Rustic Made To Order, Each Statue Is Unique, Excellent

Stunning, Hand Crafted, Cernunnos/Horned God Of The Wildwood, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Rustic Made To Order, Each Statue Is Unique, Excellent
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Here, we have an absolutely gorgeous, entirely hand-crafted, rustic, statue of Cernunnos, a Celtic Horned God. Cernunnos is the pagan, Celtic, Lord of the Wildwood, Nature, & Animals, or Lord of the “Wild Things.” Here, he is carved in the traditional Celtic seated posture, with his legs crossed & his back straight, just as he (or his priest, or a shaman) is depicted on the Gundestrup Cauldron. Cernunnos was an extremely ancient & powerful Celtic god, especially on the continent & in Britain (as Herne), and, to a lesser extent, in Ireland. While he appears under different names in the various references to him, his attributes remained remarkably consistent. He is commonly depicted, for example, with the antlers of a stag, & often accompanied by a stag, as well as by other animals. He is often shown holding a ram-headed serpent, which was a sacred creature in its own right, in one hand, & a torque, which was the sacred neck ornament of the Celtic gods & heroes, in the other. He is often depicted wearing a torque, as well. Occasionally, however, Cernunnos is depicted with a large bag of coins, which associated him with prosperity & success. According the the Encyclopedia Britannica, “The earliest known depictions of Cernunnos were found at Val Camonica, in northern Italy, which was under Celtic occupation from about 400 BCE. He is believed to be portrayed on the Gundestrup Caldron, a silver vessel found at Gundestrup in Jutland, Denmark, & dating to about the 1st century BCE.” This statue is handmade of reclaimed Alaskan yellow cedar, & it is approximately 7.5-inches tall by approximately 5.0-inches wide, at its widest point. It is a thick, solid statue, & is approximately 1.5-inches deep. It is entirely hand-crafted, & then finished with a coat of natural lemon oil to help protect the wood. Because each statue is hand crafted when it is ordered, the size of each statue will vary a bit. However, each statue will be close to the size of the one pictured & described here. This statue would be ideal for your altar or as part of your sacred space decor. It was crafted with positive intentions & goodwill, but it was not charged. We almost always leave charging up to our buyers. However, if requested by the buyer, we will charge an item after it is purchased, but before we package it for shipment. Because our craftsperson makes each statue after it is purchased, the one that you receive will be uniquely yours. Because these statues are hand-crafted, no two are exactly alike. So, while your statue will look very much like the one pictured in the listing, you will notice small differences upon close inspection. Each statue is truly one-of-a-kind. PLEASE NOTE that, especially during busy seasons (such as holiday seasons, especially Yule & Christmas), we could require as long as 7 to 10 days to create hand-crafted statues such as this one before we ship them. We ship each statue just as soon as it is completed, but the time between placing an order &