Synthetic Dreadlocks - Custom Color Blend Plum Crocheted Natural Texture Dreads Made To Order

Synthetic Dreadlocks - Custom Color Blend Plum Crocheted Natural Texture Dreads Made To Order
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Purple
Size: S
40 USD
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An excellent option for those looking to match their root color, & bring in a pop of color, these dreads are ideal for either a clip on or weave in. You will want at least one of these versatile sets in your garb box. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our shop policies & info! Plum is a blend of burgundy & purple. Formats: Single Ended Loop: SE is considered to lay more naturally & allow for more even distribution. Crochet Extenders: Designed for permanent installation into the ends of your own dreadlocks to add length. They come with loose hair at the top to crochet into the ends of your dreads! Double Ended: DE is faster to install & can help achieve more volume in a short amount of time, as well as being easier for self installs. SE have a loop at the end which you will need a latchook, or beading loop to pull your own hair through. Lengths are measured from point of install to tip, so for DE this would be the folded length. Feel free to message us with any questions about this! Please order the correct length desired, do not order too short & then try to request an extension, the prices are based on how much material actually goes into the dreads. If you make a mistake & need it adjusted, that’s ok! Just know there is an extra charge for more material. They can be cut shorter if there is a specific length desired, or if you would like the tips blunted. The customer photo reflects the thickness & length described in this listing, more great photos can be found on our Facebook page & Instagram @dreadnaughtyhair, if you are unsure of what type is appropriate please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message! Photos are always helpful in this, whether you are looking to emulate a certain look, or match your own hair color. If you are new to synth dreads, it is highly recommended that you try ordering a small quantity or accent kit to familiarize yourself with the weight & texture before ordering a full set. It is very difficult to convey what this product actually feels like without first hand experience, it is not necessarily for everyone, as the title suggests these are fake dreads. Kanekalon is a very special modacrylic developed in Japan to accurately mimic the weight, look, & feel of real hair while also meeting international standards for fire safety to protect the health, safety, & wellness of the user, & we also take our responsibility to do this very seriously. This type of set is about 2 lbs, it is important to do a good job installing to distribute this evenly across the head. If after viewing our helpful videos you are still unsure about this, or would prefer to locate an installer in your area, there are several great groups on Facebook dedicated to helping new users, such as Dreadlock Kingdom & the Synthetic Dread Society, make sure you have done your research before purchasing this product! This is my full time job, I have been making dreads for over 5 years, & have a BA in material selection & codes. Our signature smooth