Take Me To The Water (Alluvial Plains, #1) Daria B. Campbell Author

Take Me To The Water (Alluvial Plains, #1) Daria B. Campbell Author
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Love is complicated enough on its own, but when you add in fangs and a past that is nearly two hundred years long, it gets a lot worse.A hundred and seventy years of vampiric nightlife has Gabriel McGonaghall worn down, and all he wants is a nice, low-key existence, and a place to paint. Lillian Wethersfield feels quite similar, although from a fully human perspective. She has her friends, her gallery, and she doesn’t want to risk another heartbreak like the one that nearly destroyed her three years ago. Fate has a funny way of intervening, however, and once the two meet in a quiet Southern river town, their instant connection overrides better judgment. Gabriel and Lillian not only find themselves quickly entwined in a complicated new relationship that combines both of their worlds, but also tangled in a high stakes web of friends’ secrets and vampire politics, where grudges live forever along with their owners. Take Me To The Water is Book 1 in the Alluvial Plains paranormal romance series by Daria B. Campbell. 175,000 words in length.