Teachers' Pet Amy Brent Author

Teachers' Pet Amy Brent Author
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Three HOT Alpha Professors, One Very Bad Student.It all started with just me and Professor Holden Moss, the grad school professor I seduced by flashing him my pink goodies the first day of class. I love being the Teacher’s Pet. And Holden loved playing my games.Then Holden invited his best friend, Dr. Wynn Driver, to join our little party. Wynn was the epitome of hotness: tall, handsome, with surfer boy good looks and a foot long of pleasure inside his linen slacks. The three of us were having the time of our lives, then along came Wynn’s buddy, Lane. Dr. Lane Curtis, the former football star turned psychologist and bestselling author who held o*gies at his exclusive spa, became the forth player in our little game.We play everywhere: in the class room, in the parking lot, in the ladies room…the thrill of doing something soooo forbidden!I hope we don’t get caught. Now, I have three lovers and experience something new and fantastic every day. Someone should write a book about the things we do to each other.Oh, that’s right… someone has… Enjoy.