Tetragrammaton Ritual Circle Cloth

Tetragrammaton Ritual Circle Cloth
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Grey
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This is a large, ritual cloth circle that comes in multiple sizes (3-ft, 4-ft, 5-ft, 6-ft, 7.5-ft, 9-ft). Thick cloth. Very durable & easily cleanable. Folds up for easy storage. Beautifully vivid! [There is also a photo of a pair of different ritual circle cloths being used in a temple, so that you may see what the size looks like while in use. The inner, red circle is 4-feet & the larger ouroboros circle is 6-feet wide. There is also a 9-foot Enochian circle. The person meditating is on a 7.5-foot circle. Again, these photos are for size reference only.] Orders may take up to 2-3 weeks, though sometimes sooner. 9-FOOT CIRCLES will require an additional $35 postage cost for INTERNATIONAL orders, due to weight & size. Multiple circles shipped overseas together will also require additional postage, due to the spacial limitations of the flat-rate mailers. Please ASK if you have questions. Tetragrammaton Ritual Circle Cloth