The Bag Lady War Carol Leonard SeCoy Author

The Bag Lady War Carol Leonard SeCoy Author
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Tired of fending off street thugs and worried about the day they can no longer take care of themselves, three elderly widows, Josie, Mabel and Mil, concoct the perfect plan for ensuring their safety, which will also guarantee them free room and board for life. As grocery bag-covered bodies begin turning up in Southern California, police and the media are stumped. Detectives assigned to the case, Paige Turner and Mark Wisneski, wonder what weird new serial killer is on the loose. The victims are mostly drug addicts and small-time crooks, but why the grocery bags? The bodies pile up until the widows invite Turner and Wisneski to tea, where they tell all. What they reveal shocks the world and could lead to the widows’ master plan seriously backfiring. Life on the streets and in prison will never be the same. A rollicking read for anyone who plans to grow old. Lovable heroines, dastardly bad guys, and a happy ending. -Bud Gardner Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul When three vulnerable vigilantes reclaim their lives, the result is a wicked satire of social inequity. Send a copy to your congressman! -John Sack Author, The Franciscan Conspiracy Poignant . resonating with a sobering message for our graying society. Their logic may defy reason, but you find yourself believing the fantasy and wanting to share an endless cup of tea with these charming ‘age of grace’ ladies. -Sarah L. Cornett-Hagen Poet, Poetry as Prayer: Appalachian Women Speak A page turner! Couldn’t put it down! These old ladies may be the sanest zanies that ever toted a gun! -Ruth Wire, Playwright, A Modern Woman, Winner of Bultman Award for Dramatic Literature