The Complete Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: 130 Traditional and Modern Recipes Chandra Ram Author

The Complete Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: 130 Traditional and Modern Recipes Chandra Ram Author
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Traditional and Modern Indian Recipes for the Home Cook — Officially Authorized by Instant Pot®! The Instant Pot® is a game-changer for Indian cooking because it replaces a pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, rice cooker, bread proofer and steamer all in one. Gone are the days when preparing Indian food just seemed too intimidating or for weekends only. Dried lentils and chickpeas cook in a flash, even when they haven’t been soaked overnight. Rice is perfectly done in ten minutes and homemade yogurt can be made to a particular tanginess and texture. Even braised meats that usually take a full day can be ready in less than an hour. In The Complete Indian Instant Pot® Cookbook, award-winning editor and author Chandra Ram shares 130 recipes from all over India, specifically designed for the Instant Pot®, that meld Indian ingredients and American sensibilities for novices and experts alike. Recipes range from traditional to modern and go beyond the greatest hits that you see in Indian restaurants. You’ll find tons of familiar favorites, including Butter Chicken and Chana Masala; less well-known regional dishes like dosas, biryanis and dals or lentil stews; and contemporary twists on Indian flavors such as Orange Cumin Salmon and Chocolate Chai Pudding. Chandra takes you through cooking all the parts of an Indian meal: ghee, yogurt and cheese; pickles and chutneys; snacks and chaats; soups; vegetables; porridge and rice; biryanis; lentils, chickpeas and pulses; meat and seafood; breads, pancakes and crepes; and desserts. She also offers meal plans, easy substitutions and tips for building an Indian pantry. Cooking Indian food has never been as approachable, fast and easy! I have over the years often been asked how to cook Indian food, and have never had an accessible answer to that question. Now thanks to Chandra Ram’s gorgeous and extremely well-written book, I have an answer . . . which is to get this book! Chandra shows you how to use the Instant Pot to create delicious food, and not only demystifies Indian cuisine but makes it an everyday cookable staple. She adds her own twist to recipes from drinks to desserts and provides an opportunity to explore all of your Indian cooking desires. — Maneet Chauhan, chef/owner, Chauhan Ale and Masala House; Food Network personality Indian food has long been one of my greatest pleasures, but in my mind, it was relegated to restaurants, or to the homes of friends who had the guidance and experience to make this glorious food. Chandra’s book is a revelation—a generous and empowering welcome to the fundamentals of this rich and varied cuisine. Through simple, thoughtful instructions, she guides both novices and experienced cooks to a solid understanding of how to develop these flavors and deploy them in foolproof dishes in their very own kitchen. — Kat Kinsman, senior food and drinks editor at Extra Crispy and editor of Food and Wine’s Communal Table series This is Instant Pot cooking taken to the next level! Take a trip back in time through Chandra’s childhood memories of visiting family in India, while discovering all the vibrant and mouth-watering recipes this cookbook has to offer. A modern and accessible approach to executing the perfect soul-satisfying meal, packed with bold flavors and no fuss. — Bill Kim, chef/owner of BellyQ and Urban Belly and author of Korean BBQ: Master Your Grill in Seven Sauces