The Jakarta Mystery: Kidnapped From Time 5 Carl Johnson Author

The Jakarta Mystery: Kidnapped From Time 5 Carl Johnson Author
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TO ANSWER THE QUESTION WHYBEINGS IN THE SKYUnquill, Kenneth and Savannah fly to Jakarta in search of answers to the plot discovered in Alexandria.As the Third Council convene to find the pieces of the puzzle that is Hinjo Junta, Unquill tries to find reasons within himself of why he would turn into the man that will be the symbol of self-destruction to humans in the future.On their journey, Kenneth and Savannah make a path into a destiny that has now become their choice.As they try to make sense of their purpose, Savannah experiences a change in herself she’s finding hard to control, while Kenneth watches and worries. And all around them still, danger and plotting thickens…If you wish to read more, download now!FREE BONUS TITLE IF YOU BUY THIS BOOK!EXCERPTTHE MAN WAITING FOR them at the western entrance held a sign.Written in black marker were the words Hester and Party.Savannah thought the word party ironic since she hadn’t felt like doing anything of the sort since arriving in the future. For one, no one’s about. All the other passengers had departed with their waiting parties. And this spot seemed to be the most lonesome of all entrances.Also, it became her task to carry the cans of gray nutrients they had received in Alexandria and her hands had become sore. She tried switching the bag from one hand to the other. This only temporarily relieved the pain she felt from the tight band of plastic digging into her skin. One can had already been emptied by Kenneth; another was half-empty. Four full cans remained.Thinking of eating the dreary, dull food once more made her pine for her mother’s supper table where she could eat steaming hot tomato soup with oyster crackers.So she wasn’t in a party mood. Not at all.The man lowered the sign and stepped forward upon seeing Unquill and the two children. He wore a Hawaiian shirt buttoned up halfway, showing a thick mat of chest hair. Loose sweat pants hung about his legs. He had pushed up a pair of sunglasses into his jet-black hair. He had dark skin, not as dark as the men waiting outside Linso’s tent, yet not as light as Unquill’s own skin.“You are Hester Unquill, right?” the man inquired.Unquill stopped short. Savannah looked up to see a bewildered expression on his face. To her, men holding placards at airports was nothing new.The situation was different for Unquill. He pushed Savannah and Kenneth behind him. Savannah peered around one of his legs that was as big as a tree trunk. The back of his leg smelled of leaves, she distinctly thought.Unquill said, “Yes, that’s me.“The sign fell to the ground as the man pulled a weapon from his pants pocket.Download and discover why readers are raving about Carl Johnson.Scroll up and get the book now!