The LifeQuake Miracle: Awakening to Your True Purpose in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval Toni Galardi Author

The LifeQuake Miracle: Awakening to Your True Purpose in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval Toni Galardi Author
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This book is unique and powerful, as it will take you step-by-step through your soul’s path of progression. You will learn strategies to evolve your body, mind, and spirit at various stages, even amidst external chaos. It will give you both the understanding and structure you need to have a resilient and passionate life, where you thrive in the new world that’s emerging.– Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Best Selling AuthorHappy for No Reason, Love for No Reason,and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s SoulFinding one’s way successfully through great challenges can be VERY difficult. The LifeQuake Miracle is a brilliant step-by-step formula for using chaos, whether global or personal, as an evolutionary driver to a greater life. Dr. Toni Galardi gives the reader a dynamic life-giving path for using any crises as a birth to Greater Aliveness, Purpose, and Fulfillment.– Mary Morrissey, Best Selling Author ofBuilding Your Field of DreamsJust as an earthquake’s mission is to release seismic pressure through the planet’s faultlines, a LifeQuake happens when your soul’s next purpose begins to pierce through the layers of internalized faulty programs, emerging as a crisis. The initial signs can be subtle. You’re bored by activities you once enjoyed. You rely on mindless distractions like web browsing, TV, alcohol, or overeating to get you through the day. Though you sense something is fundamentally wrong, fear of change keeps you clinging to outmoded habits, a job you’ve outgrown, or worse, destructive addictions. And then the crisis hits.In her original, pioneering book on mastering crisis-driven life transitions called The LifeQuake Phenomenon, Dr. Toni Galardi, coined the term LifeQuakes to describe these transformative cycles. For the release of her ten-year anniversary retitled The LifeQuake Miracle: Awakening to Your True Purpose in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval, Dr. Galardi provides more interviews with prominent, LifeQuake pioneers and an update of the most recent neuroscience on change mastery and resilience.You will learn the how-to of these seven skills:healing addictive coping mechanismsresilience to sudden change read the signs in advance showing you what is defuncteasily move forward before you’re forced totransform economic upheavals into abundancechoose the nourishing food and herbs your body needs for vitality in each stageuncover your soul’s true purpose for the next chapter of your lifeWith Dr. Galardi’s revolutionary approach to change mastery, life transitions, and career repurposing, The LifeQuake Miracle gives you the tools to make miraculous, quantum leaps. Dr. Toni calls this toolbox, The LifeQuake Repurposing Roadmap. In this new release, the original seven-stage model is an even more relevant guide now, through this rocky terrain of the global new frontier. With this trailblazing navigation system, you will transform the uncertainty of the life you have into a joyous adventure, beyond what your mind has dreamed possible.