The National Dishes of the World: Complete with Recipes! Shahid Khan Author

The National Dishes of the World: Complete with Recipes! Shahid Khan Author
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Cooking Recipes from Around the World! For the First Time Ever - Nation by Nation -This Could be Your Own International Cooking School In One Ebook!From Afghanistan to ZimbabweEvery Nation is Covered…the National Dishes in One EBook!All of The Great International Cuisines……but MORE! This Ebook Does not Offer Region by Region Recipes -It Offers the National Dishes of Each Nation of the World!A Comprehensive Guide to The National Dishes of the World!Food lovers, cooking students, all of you who want to be the next Iron Chef! - This Ebook will definitely raise your cooking skills, knowledge and cooking repertoire to new heights!What is your food dilemma?* A constant search for what to have for dinner?* The need to prepare a dinner that impresses a mother-in-law?* Friends you want to make feel welcome who are from a distant land or ethnic background?* An expansion of your repertoire in the kitchen - old dishes are getting boring?* The joy of cooking has become a chore?* Perhaps you are a culinary student who needs to understand the connection between history and food…* Or your children have a report due on a culture foreign to your own?* A restaurant owner who wants to experiment with unique dishes?Each nation has a brief but comprehensive history of the development of its national dish, how cultures may have mingled or, depending on the culture itself, how the dish was born by an individual person and it became a national export. This is not boring history but a well written great read in itself! Perfect for foodies who enjoy the appreciation of food!But of course you get the recipes too! Easy to follow, complete descriptions and pictures of the finished masterpieces, the recipes even describe complements to each dish!The nutty spice of African Chicken with Thai Peanut Curry and Garlic from Macau? An elegant dish that fills the entire home with visions of exotic open air restaurants and the anticipation of tenderness with a twist - and that’s just from the aroma. It’s here!Perhaps it will be the hearty comfort of Lagman, a home-made, easy to prepare noodle soup from Kyrgyzstan - great for the soul but also comfort for the stressful day - one of those dishes that kids will come to associate with childhood memories. Look inside!The smells, the color, the presentation, the anticipation - coupled with the history contained in this ebook - will take you around the world in the comfort of your own kitchen!Over 500 pages of recipes, history, culinary anticipation and smells…Everything you need for expanding your kitchen repertoireand ending your food dilemma…Satisfy the chef in you!