The Rubber Disciplinarian Kivutar Amy Koski Author

The Rubber Disciplinarian Kivutar Amy Koski Author
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Brand: Kivutar Amy Koski
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THE RUBBER DISCIPLINARIANWhen Martin Reece opens a catalogue addressed to his neighbour it starts a chain of events he could only have dreamed of. His fantasies of a rubber-clad dominatrix have not prepared him for the strict discipline inflicted on him for his sins. His strict neighbour will punish him with the cane, the rubber strap, the paddle and a variety of other implements across her punishment horse. She seems so very expert, and cruel. Her equipment includes the rubber vacuum bed, a vibrating milking toy and probes and plugs for every occasion - but the worst torment will be delivered from a special milking stool to be made by Martin’s own skilled hands to her own specification. Her vibrating milker and slippery rubber gloves may well drive him insane in that delicious captivity, and while all this is going on he will be locked in a rubber chastity tube, the key to which hangs around her sexy beautiful neck…The third fast-paced novella from the pen of Kivutar Amy Koski, the Queen of Kink full of rubber domination and discipline, sexual training and torment, reward and punishment, and lots and lots (and lots) of shiny shivery rubber. A proper full length novella of 35,000 words filled with hot horny fem dom.Don’t forget to visit Kivutar Amy Koski’s Facebook page for exclusive samples and updates on forthcoming titles…