The Seafood Heritage Cookbook Adam Starchild Author

The Seafood Heritage Cookbook Adam Starchild Author
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
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The marvelous advantages of seafood are its amazing variety and delectability, and the number of different ways in which it can be prepared. This is what this book is about. Whatever your national origin or ethnic background you can venture within this book, and quite possibly find an Americanized version of some seafood dish brought here by your forebears. But, be forewarned readers of these recipes run the danger of becoming cosmopolitanized. Drawn from a variety of sources, there are more than two hundred fifty recipes in this comprehensive collection of historic seafood recipes. Appetizers and soups, salads, and main courses of both fish and shellfish, along with sauces, dressing, marinades, dips, stuffings, and spreads provide a vast number of choices of kinds of seafood, and also a full gamut of the simple to the complex, quick to not-so-quick.