THE TENTH MONTH Lois Hudson Author

THE TENTH MONTH Lois Hudson Author
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While investigating epidemic spontaneous miscarriages worldwide, obstetrician, Dr. Kendall Wallis, wonders if her invention of a highly successful artificial womb may offer a solution to the plunging birthrate. A mysterious godlike man appears in her dreams to warn her that society’s cavalier attitude toward the value of life has caused the phenomenon. When she publicly suggests God may have closed the womb, a media frenzy, based on half-truths and innuendoes, thrusts her into the limelight with advocates and enemies on both sides of the ethics of abortion and life choices, threatens her marriage, her career and even her life. She must face her own relationship with God and make life-changing choices about her future in a world that faces the end of the human race. Lois Hudson has written devotionals for many collections, including WHEN GOD MAKES LEMONADE and CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: The Spirit of America; and co-authored ENDING ELDER ABUSE: A Family Guide. She lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Sparks, NV.