The Wrong Side of Comfortable Amy Charity Author

The Wrong Side of Comfortable Amy Charity Author
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Amy Charity had a dream, the drive, and the will to give it a shot. When Amy Charity was a kid, she loved sports. Little did she know that at the age of 34, she would drop everything and launch a career in bike racing. She was married; had a solid group of tight-knit friends; loved where she lived; and held an incredible job with a promising future. However, she was willing to risk it all to pursue her dream. A dream that would take her and her bike globally over the next few years and capture a national title. Amy Charity’s insights will inspire readers to spend time outside of their comfort zone and discover their potential. Her positive mindset, coupled with motivation, grit and mental toughness demonstrate how simple concepts and incremental action may lead to successful outcomes. It is never too late to find something that makes you feel alive. Within The Wrong Side of Comfortable is Amy’s inspiring journey of transforming her life to pursue a dream. Throughout her pursuit, there were unbelievable heart-wrenching low points and euphoric high points. Those points revealed and carved life lessons: Developing strategies for taking risks Maintaining relationships Adapting in the most challenging circumstances Embracing the core of maintaining integrity