They Sing To Our Souls: The Animals Speak Naomi McDonald Author

They Sing To Our Souls: The Animals Speak Naomi McDonald Author
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Animal lovers, truth seekers, and fans of the Chicken Soup series will delight in these soul enriching stories.Sometimes the most powerful understanding comes from someone short, brown, feathered and beautiful. Thank you very much, and I do like French fries, said Mrs. Duck politely. It wasn’t long into Naomi McDonald’s twenty-year career as an animal communicator that she recognized her feathered, scaled, and furry friends were bringing to the world more depth and wisdom than it seemed like on the surface. Naomi’s compendium of life changing stories They Sing To Our Souls: The Animals Speak, not only shows readers that we all have the have the intuitive ability to deepen the connection with our pets, she shows us that by doing so we align ourselves to the entire natural world. Below is a glimpse into the lessons Naomi learned from her animal friends.Emotional trauma can manifest in the physical.Contemplation and intention can aid in bringing our lost pets home.An animal’s spirit is alive after their physical passing. A deeper understanding of our pets’ transition and the grief process.We all have multiple lifetimes and can return to one another. That events in our past lives can affect the present. A Brussels Griffon may prefer to wear his pirate costume to see the children.Vibrational healing and metaphysical practices can help ourselves and our pets in powerful ways.