Thiouraye Jeddah Blend - 25G

Thiouraye Jeddah Blend - 25G
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PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: - SHOP POLICIES & ANNOUNCEMENT (front page) - IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO ALL CUSTOMERS THIOURAYE JEDDAH blend - 25g The thiouraye (also called churai) is a mixture of traditional African incense. Very frequently used in Senegalese & Ghana households. The recipe of thiouraye is jealously guarded. Thiouraye Jeddah is a composition of woods, flowers, oudh, & essential oils. The scent is warm, & sweet. Basically, these are traditional & secret recipes which are left to macerate for a year. This is what gives the thiouraye time to form & create this intense & deep fragrance. A true wonder & a pleasure for the senses. The Churai (Thiouraye) acts as an invitation to pleasure & sensual combination. It is used to flavor inside, lighten the mood, promote relaxation, & also to create a welcoming atmosphere. Considered a powerful aphrodisiac when burned. Thiouraye Jeddah is one of the designs of thiouraye made by the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ancient recipes passed down from generation to generation. An artisanal & meticulous design. It is often used in the morning in bedrooms so that the smell lasts all day. Do not wait any longer to let yourself be seduced by this suave & exotic fragrance. Origin: Saudi Arabia (French supplier) Aluminum tin with 25g. FOR ExTERNAL USE ONLY. KEEP AWAY FROM PETS & CHILDREN. ATTENTION: Sold as curio only. DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of the user to exercise caution when using this product. By purchasing this product you release me from any & all liability. Thiouraye Jeddah Blend - 25G