Tone's Lemon Pepper Seasoning (28 Ounce)

Tone's Lemon Pepper Seasoning (28 Ounce)
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
Size: one size
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Tone’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning (28 Ounce) A citrusy seasoning blend of lemon flavor and coarse black pepper combined with salt. This product combines a strong background flavor of pepper with the tartness of lemon and is coarse in nature. Serving Suggestions Sprinkle or rub on fish, poultry, burgers or steaks before grilling or baking. Adds great tang and taste to chicken or seafood salads. Try mixing in sour cream or yogurt for a zesty dip for vegetables and crackers. Also works well sprinkled on green salads and vegetables. Delicious on rice, pasta or potatoes. Start by using 1/8th tsp. per serving and adjust from there. Use in place of salt.