top ramen Matthew Gilman Author

top ramen Matthew Gilman Author
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Vance is a Ramen noodle snob, ladies man, and an assassin. He was recruited by the Russian mob weeks before graduating college. He never planned his life to turn out like this. After ten years he is sent to his home town for a clean up job and realizes there is another life he could have. He quits his job, but his job isn’t the kind that you can walk away from.The Russian mob is determined to have Vance retired permanently and he reminds them why he was recruited to begin with.Matthew Gilman can be contacted at He can also be found at his blog The Collapse Experiment on, on Twitter @studentghetto1, and his author page on Facebook.If you enjoy this book be sure to check out his other titles:After the DayAfter the Day: Red TideRemnants of the DayRequiem for the DayWithout Style