Tree Farm Essential Oil Blend Fresh Cut Pure Winter Holiday Memories

Tree Farm Essential Oil Blend Fresh Cut Pure Winter Holiday Memories
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This 100% pure essential oil blend is reminiscent of a freshly cut tree on a crisp winter morning, blended to evoke good cheer & memories of winter family activities. Balsam Fir, Virginia Cedarwood, Atlas Cedarwood, Juniper Berry & Tangerine peel come together for a bright, balsamic-woody aroma with a little warm sweet n’spice, that gives us that fresh cut tree feel. Nothing fake or artificial, just 100% pure essential oils! REVIEWS: Fawn “I grew up in FL, but my dad owned a Christmas farm in NC. We sold the farm in 2014 after my dad died. There is nothing like the smell of a Christmas tree. I have tried other’s Christmas tree blends, even buying single tree oils & trying to come up with my own blend. I can truly say this is the first blend that smells like a real Christmas Tree! Thank you so much!” Anna"OMG, this smells exactly like a fresh tree. Its perfect, exactly what I wanted." Patricia"It really smells like you have a room full of Christmas trees! Absolutely adore this scent" Sara"This is my first order from this shop & everything was carefully packaged & arrived quickly. This is the first oil that I diffused; just beautiful! A refreshing, purifying conifer blend. Thank you!" Amanda “Smells amazing, a bit more “earthy” than pine. I feel like it was well described.” BOTTLE & CONTAINER INFO (NOTE that not every listing will contain ALL options below. This general information is regarding my entire line.) 5 mL, 16 mL & 100 mL tinted glass euro-bottle includes orifice reducer dropper insert. Tip bottle for full-size drops to easily drip out. Note: Industry standard of most companies is 15 mL; Essential Herb gives you more, for less cost! 2.3 mL glass vial includes a tiny orifice reducer dropper insert. TAP bottom of vial, or SHAKE vial, for small drops. Lid label with product name ONLY, no complete information label. Great size to Sample, carry in small purse, or use in our Keychain Carriers. Rollers are 10 mL tinted glass; appropriately diluted with carrier oil for skin use. Non-GMO fractionated coconut oil is used unless you request other. Sprays are a diluted product prepared just before shipping. Use bottle upright; not pressurized & does not work upside down. Best used for upper body refreshing or spraying in the air. Pumps: SERUM Pump (up to 2 oz bottles) dispenses about a ‘dime size’ into your hand. Regular PUMP (4 oz + bottles) dispenses more like a half-teaspoon or so. Pumps are a diluted product prepared just before shipping. ESSENTIAL HERB is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid (MLM). You get the HIGHEST QUALITY & LOWEST PRICE without paying 10 ‘upline’ or ‘downline’ Reps in the process; No need to sign up, join, sell…no MLM legal fees, posh buildings, etc! ESSENTIAL HERB products are Pure, “therapeutic grade”, free of impurities, & formulated by a Master Herbalist with over 25 years experience. We care about people, & in using plants accurately, & in getting safe & enjoyable results. We Keep It Simple, & are High Integrity.