Unified Economics Beizhan Liu Author

Unified Economics Beizhan Liu Author
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This book consists of three sections: the first section is the theory system of Unified Economics that I proposed as a pioneer. This theory system currently contains a total of about 30 theories. Unified economics unified microeconomics, medium-sized economics and macroeconomics together. Unified economics achieves the touchability and calculability of economic reality as advocated by Beizhan school of thought. Unified economics analyzed various properties of regional economy comprehensively, and established a more complete and national economic evaluation system with uniqueness. The second section mainly includes my elaboration on the election finance system. The third section mainly includes my elaborations on other economic issues, such as: currency finance economy, real estate economy, and so on. I hope that my economic theories and thoughts can provide strong guidance for the economic development of all countries in the world, and provide strong theoretical supports for the realization of equitable development, common development and sustainable development in the world.Many theories and thoughts in this book are brand new, the innovative concepts included inside include: economic bubble volume and economic bubble degree, economic wheel, economic potential energy, sentinel value, internationalization index of economic wheel, economic tightness degree, market demand degree and market demand volume, economic development degree, market transformation rate, market inventory rate/market inventory volume/monetized inventory volume, management team size social ratio, management team size employment ratio, achievement management consumption ratio, cost management consumption ratio, the per capita management cost of the management team, management team per capita profit value of public management, economic green potential energy, environmental economic cost, economic equality degree, economic equality fall, economic monopoly degree, economic monopoly volume, the advantages of regional economy, regional economic competitiveness, benefit acquiring capability, adequacy degree, adequacy volume, advantage set and advantage sequence, the livelihood of people, interest acquisition property of people’s livelihood, interest contribution property of people’s livelihood, interest acquisition property of finance, interest contribution property of finance, economic efficiency, marketized economic efficiency, environmental production cost ratio, integrated cost, marketized production value, green production value, marketized production value ratio, green production value ratio, marketized GDP, regional economic participation degree, three forms of currency (productive currency, consumption currency and silent currency), etc..This book is a better reading to open up thoughts for those who are interested in economic research, economic management, finance management, currency finance economic management, real estate economic management, and so on. It also has more significance for those who want to engage in or who are engaged in the work of economic research, government, economic management, currency finance economic management and real estate economic management.In this second edition, two more chapters are added: one chapter is about production capacity indicator system of regional economy; one chapter is about innovation property and indicator system of regional economy, so as to make the content of Unified Economics more rich and complete.