Up Against the Boards Zoe Dawson Author

Up Against the Boards Zoe Dawson Author
Categories: Soups, Noodle
Brand: Blue Moon Creative, LLC
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Ex-hockey player and sportswriter, Jesse Malone goes to Liberty Tavern at the behest of his friend Aiden Sinclair to help sassy, beautiful redheaded, Abigail Wescott who has only recently inherited the bar from her father. Talk about opposites in every way including his preference for his dog Puck, a Pitbull/Weimaraner mix and her preference for her cat, an orange tom named Oscar. Jesse has every intention of lending AlphaGroup’s support to this damsel in distress, but he has no interest in getting tied down, even if Abby is pulling all the right irresistible strings in him.Abby and Jesse have absolutely nothing in common, except a sizzling attraction and the desire to save her bar, but the demolition balls are set to wreck her family’s historical legacy when by chance she and Jesse discover something miraculous. A false wall in the basement that reveals an old printing press with historical significance, leading to the possibility that the Sons of Liberty met in the tavern. With sexy bad boy Jesse stirring up her emotions and ramming through her defenses, can she keep her mind on the race to get the near-and-dear-to-her-heart bar listed as a national landmark before it’s demolished.