Velveeta Original Cheese Sauce - 4 oz

Velveeta Original Cheese Sauce - 4 oz
Brand: 2/8492/8495/8510
Color: False
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Velveeta Original Cheese Sauce brings a touch of liquid gold to your meals. When cheese cravings strike, satisfy them with this melted cheese product the whole family loves. The soft, smooth, and creamy cheese sauce brings a burst of cheesy flavor to any meal with the original Velveeta taste you know and love. This cheese sauce comes ready to squeeze, making it a quick, convenient addition to your hassle-free meals and snacks. Simply melt and enjoy. This irresistible sauce is a great way to bring the family together. Try this Velveeta Cheese Sauce as a creamy nacho cheese, a savory cheese sauce, or a cheese dip sauce. It is also great to use for pasta, homemade mac and cheese, hot dogs, or tacos. Nothing melts like Velveeta. One 4 oz. package of Velveeta Original Cheese Sauce; Add a little liquid gold to your meals with Velveeta Original Cheese Sauce; Bring your family the creamy, cheesy flavor you know and love; Cheese sauce comes ready to heat and serve; A convenient addition to hassle-free meals and snacks;