Vivianite Terminated, Rare Crystals

Vivianite Terminated, Rare Crystals
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Green
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Rare terminated natural Vivianite crystals from Huanuni mine, Huanuni, Dalence Province, Oruro Bolivia. This piece of Vivianite is in very good condition with just a small amount of matrix. This piece is in a perky 1.25" cube clear box. Total weight is 11 grams which includes box weight of 10 grams & is considered a thumbnail size specimen. The crystals measure approximately 16mm tall X 9mm wide X 6mm deep. Great specimen for the thumbnail collector or would be a nice addition to any collection. Please note that this specimen is securely glued in the display box. Vivianite Terminated, Rare Crystals