Wire Shellfish Basket/ Vintage Baskets/ Iron Sieves

Wire Shellfish Basket/ Vintage Baskets/ Iron Sieves
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Black
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There’s nothing more delicious than steamed, salty shellfish from the sea. Another New England barn find, this iron wire basket would have been used as a cooking vessel for seafood delicacies such as lobsters & crabs, clams & oysters. Clearly made to withstand boiling temperatures, this unique basket integrates strength of form & purpose through the durability of heavy gauge iron. The iron mesh form is hand cut & wrapped over a two piece rim that culminates into a twisted hook. Hallmarks of the artistic handiwork can be seen in four places where the wire mesh is compressed, transforming from a diamond shape to a squared pattern. The basket is equipped with a pair of hand looped handles for carrying ease. I’m guessing it would have been used as an insert for a large cast iron cooking pot. The basket has been well used: it has an irregular bottom & does not sit flat. Both wide & deep, this cooking basket has a large surface capacity making it a novel vessel for any number of creative displays. Place on any indoor or outdoor surface or mount on any wall. Quintessential decorative character derived from the art of cooking crustaceans. Being offered in as found condition. Slight rusting on rim. Measurements: 14 1/2" -16" diameter x 4-6" high approximate Overall with Hook - 21" long Weighs 2 1/2 pounds Wire Shellfish Basket/ Vintage Baskets/ Iron Sieves