Wok 9" Folding Handle

Wok 9" Folding Handle
Categories: Beef Stew
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Grey
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The 9" Folding Handle Wok is designed to be used over an open fire. The 8.5" Ring Wok Trivet is included! The trivet nests into the wok for easy transport. The wok & trivet weigh just 2lbs 6oz. The wok is 9.5’ rim to rim & is 2" deep. Imagine a tasty stir fry cooked over an open fire, wood smoke, delicious aromas, full bellies & the silence of nature all around. in the morning cook bacon & eggs in the wok & for lunch beef stew. Eat from the pan & you only have one thing to clean. If you have a favorite recipe please share & we will post it on Facebook & Instagram. Thank you! Wok 9" Folding Handle