Women's Premium Blend Word Art T-Shirt - Trex

Women's Premium Blend Word Art T-Shirt - Trex
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“T-Rex skull created out of popular Dinosaur names. The world’s fascination with the Dinosaur era only seems to increase with each generation. It’s pretty amazing to think that as technology improves over time, it actually opens windows to the past. We now can use programs like 3D modeling to take Dinosaur skeletons & fossils & recreate exactly what that animal looked like, & even how it walked. The information age of the internet allows people to learn so much more than ever about this amazing time in the Earths history. Television channels like History & Discovery have done an excellent job in using a lot of these technological advances to have amazing broadcasts that further spur the imagination. Museums have also adapted offering patrons a new unforgettable learning experience. Dinosaurs are awesome, plain & simple. The world has never seen anything like them in billions of years & probably never will again. To close ones eyes & imagine a world with these amazing animals walking around is so hard to wrap ones head around. Dinosaurs have proven they are timeless & will continue to amaze both adult & child. This design takes some of the most popular Dinosaurs to have walked the earth & turn them into a classic T-Rex Skull.” Features: 50% Ringspun Premium Cotton/50% Polyester Machine washable Find our complete size chart for all our products here: https://lapopart.com/pages/size-chart Please note - we do not do any custom printing. Women’s Premium Blend Word Art T-Shirt - Trex