World's Most Beautiful Recipes Volume 2 FB World Author

World's Most Beautiful Recipes Volume 2 FB World Author
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Learn how great chefs use spices and combine ingredients to make sauces you have never tried before. Try your culinary talents at our cover recipe, created by chef extraordinaire, Bradley Ogden, and prepared for our cameras right here in Santa Rosa, California in the home of another great chef we often feature, Robert Sturm. This recipe, Sautéed Tilapia with Wasabi Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes with a Carrot Curry Broth, is an incredible palate of flavors that will show you how to combine a carrot juice stock with a red thai curry paste and cardamom for a spicy flavorful sauce to enhance a neutral main dish. This recipe is a pleasure to recreate and one of our favorites. In other recipes, you will learn how to combine butter, wine, cream and fruit juice to make a classic cream sauce to accompany seafood by chef Robert Sturm, and we have a special recipe from Thomas Keller who shares the technique of milk poaching a turbot for really tender fish. You’ll also try your hand at Breaded Diver Scallops, with Laurent Tourondel who combines foie gras with scallops and a caper emulsion, and then Heidi Krahling brings you back to the Mediterranean table with a classic blend of spices utilizing cumin, coriander, paprika and cayenne. French chef Roland Passot will give you a recipe for a great vinaigrette to make all your salads shine in Citrus Lobster Salad with shaved fresh Hearts of Palm and micro Green. Download book II to get the full collection of beautiful recipes created by great chefs. Ten beautiful chef tested and inspired recipes for you to try in this second edition.